AVID helps students build skills they will need to become college graduates. Students enroll in rigorous classes and in the AVID elective. The pillars of the curriculum are strong writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading skills. For one period a day, students learn skills, such as:

  • AVID 9-12
    • How to organize schoolwork and study,
    • How to think critically and ask probing questions,
    • How to get academic help from peers (and college tutors),
    • How to work effectively with teachers.
  • AVID 10
    • Career Research
  • AVID 11
    • ACT Prep
    • College Research
  • AVID 12
    • Navigating the college application, scholarship, and financial aid processes

AVID students participate in activities (like Service Learning) to enrich their learning, motivate them, and make college seem possible. These students gain an improved self-image and become academic leaders who are prepared for college. All students can benefit from AVID, but its target is the least served students in the academic middle.

AVID Teachers

AVID Elective Teacher Shannon Helgeson
Science Teacher Ken Mann
English Teacher Adrien Everst & Maeve Peterson
Social Studies Teacher Ross Freeman-Herdina
Math Teacher Jacob Feldman & Mary Schultz
Counselor Courtney Dahlby
AVID Site Coordinator Chai Lee
Special Education Amanda Gillett