WMS Attendance Line: 507.494.1030 
WAPS School Board Attendance Policy: Click here

Attendance Policy and Procedure: A telephone call from a parent or guardian must be made to the office each day a student is absent. Parents may call the attendance office at 507-494-1030 twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week. Written excuses will be accepted. Students will have two days (2) to resolve absences after returning to school. Absences not resolved will remain unexcused if they are not resolved in that two day window. 

Medical and dental appointments should be made after school, if at all possible. All make-up work must be completed, after meeting with the teacher and in a reasonable length of time. This is the responsibility of the student. 

It is the student’s responsibility to resolve an absence before school, between class periods, during lunch, or after school. Class time should not be used by students to resolve absences. 

Students that are involved in co-curricular activities need to notify each of their teachers when they need to be gone from class for school-related activities. Assignments should be obtained and students shall keep caught up with their classes.

Any student who arrives late to class by 10 minutes or more without a pass will be an unexcused absence for that class period.

A parent or guardian may excuse three (3) days per month and a total of twelve (12) per school year while school is in session. Subsequent clearance for illnesses require verification by a valid health care professional or administrative approval. Student attendance will be monitored to detect patterns of excessive excused absences so that appropriate intervention action takes place. 

Homebound may be started when a student’s anticipated absence is more than ten (10) consecutive school days. The school needs a written communication from the doctor stating the reasons.

Any student who wishes to leave the school during school hours must have parental permission and receive a pass from the main office or the health office (in case of illness). 

If a student has an unexcused absence, he/she will be given missed work (upon request); however, the teacher is under no obligation to accept or evaluate the work. 

Number of Unexcused Absences School's Response
3 days School official to contact parent by phone or letter
5 days The attendance personnel will refer parent/guardian and student to liaison.
7 days The attendance personnel will file educational neglect or truancy charges against the parent/guardian and juvenile.

Examples of Excused Absences: Illness, death or funeral of immediate family, impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe, recognized religious holidays or observances, court-related appearance, medical or dental treatment, five days of vacation with prior written approval. 

Examples of Unexcused Absences: Oversleeping, work, cold weather, missing the bus, visiting relatives or friends, too tired, helping at home, shopping.

Tardiness: The word tardy is interchangeable with the word late. Students who are tardy between classes must report directly to the next period class. An accumulation of tardies results in a detention. If a student is consistently tardy, parents are contacted and appropriate action is taken. Unexcused tardiness is reported hourly. 

Attendance Secretary

Lisa Wieczorek

Attendance Secretary
Winona Middle School