Learning Commons

The mission of the Library/Media Center is to ensure that students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills through the process of accessing, evaluating and applying information. The Library/Media Center also seeks to encourage the growth of ideas, the experience of literature and the effective use of technology.


  • To provide a wide range of resources in varying formats to meet the needs of the curriculum.
  • To offer students a range of learning opportunities which provide strategies to access, evaluate and use information.
  • To assist teachers with the support they need to develop information literate students.
  • To develop an interest in reading for enjoyment through programs that allows students to experience different forms of literature.
  • To provide services and technologies to allow for maximum access to information.
  • To provide facilities that are flexible, inviting and accommodating of students' needs.

Destiny Online Catalog

Jeremy Graves

Technology Instructional Coach, District Media Coordinator

Tina Smeby

Media Secretary