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Kindergarten student practicing sight words

Kindergarten students are busy in their language art class learning words that rhyme, identifying each letter, enunciating their sound and learning new sight words. Wednesday’s sight word was go. Students practiced writing go and reading sentences with the word go in it. During guided reading students split into four groups that focused on writing sight words, listening to stories, identifying letters and practicing syllables. 

Gifted and talented students build STEM project.

Each week 131 students that have been selected for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) meet with Mrs. Cari Rustad. During GATE, students are challenged at a higher level in reading and math curriculum. This week, 4th grade students have been reading “The One and Only Ivan”. Their STEM project was to build Ivan’s crate described in the book. Students drew their plans first and then started to build their master pieces! 

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