Volunteers play a valuable role in the Winona Area Public Schools. Students and staff benefit the most when community members like you freely share your talents and time. In return, we hope you receive the many rewards you deserve: adding a dimension to your own life, meeting new friends, increasing your understanding of what is going on in school, and the satisfaction of serving as a model for today’s learners.

Volunteer Guidelines


Please sign in at the school office each time you arrive. For the student’s safety we need to know who is in the building and where to find you in case we receive a call for you.


Become familiar with the rules and policies of the school where you will volunteer. Ask your supervising teacher or principal to explain the school’s policy for smoking, use of telephones, eating facilities, fire drills, & emergency procedures. Use reasonable judgment in making decisions when there appears to be no policy or when the policy is not communicated. As soon as possible, consult with the supervising staff member for future guidance. All volunteers are required to fill out a volunteer application form.


Most of the time, volunteers are coordinated through the school’s PTA. Some PTA’s have a dedicated building coordinator. School secretaries and principals, and Community Education program coordinators can assist you in placement and orientation.


Volunteers are an important part of the educational team. The suggestions and opinions of volunteers are always welcome. It is the professional staff, however, that is held responsible by law for the decisions that are made regarding the instruction of students and the management of the classroom and school. For this reason, volunteers always work under the direct supervision of teachers and administrators.


Please ask the building secretary for a school calendar so that you are aware of school holidays and teacher workshops. Also, be aware of school and field trip cancellations due to weather. Cancellation announcements are broadcast on area TV and radio stations as well as on the district website.


Both teachers and children have planned their day around you. They depend on you to arrive on time. Please call the school if you will be late or absent.


Students rarely have behavior problems while working with volunteers. However, our schools have detailed discipline plans and the responsibility for discipline rests with professional staff. Volunteers may not discipline students. Please make the teacher aware of any discipline problem that might arise while you are working with a student.


Let us know if you would like us to sign off on your documentation of your volunteer hours. We realize that many employers now recognize the marketable value of skills learned through volunteering.


Your out-of-pocket expenses such as miles, parking fees and any direct gifts of money connected with volunteering may be deductible on your Federal tax return. Keep accurate records. For more information check out Publication 526 from the Internal Revenue Service for Charitable Contributions.


You are covered by the same liability insurance as school district employees while you are volunteering.


The foundation of all school volunteer programs is confidentiality. As you work with the staff and students, information of a confidential matter may be shared with you. The problems, abilities, grades/scores. relationships and confidences of students, their parents and the staff should never be discussed with anyone who does not have a professional right or need to know. Like teachers, volunteers are bound by a code of ethics to keep confidential matters within the school. The staff and students needs to know they can trust you. If you do have concerns, please discuss them with the teacher, principal, coordinator or director. MN


Winona Area Public Schools adheres to the MN Safe and Supportive Schools Act. This legislation identifies bullying behavior and provides guidance on handling bullying incidents. According to the act, bullying means:

  1. Intimidating, threatening, abusive or harming conduct that is objectively offensive.
  2. There is an actual or perceived imbalance of power between the student engaging in prohibited conduct and the target of the behavior.
  3. The conduct is repeated or forms a pattern.
  4. Materially and substantially interferes with a student’s educational opportunities, performance, or ability to participate in school functions or activities or receive school benefits, services or privileges.

If, as a volunteer, you have concerns or witness an incident that appears to be bullying in nature, please contact the teacher, program supervisor or principal.


The school district will conduct a criminal background check on individuals 18 and over who will be working one-on-one with children and/or vulnerable adults or chaperoning field trips. Criminal background checks will also be completed on those coaching athletic and academic activities. Offering these types of volunteer opportunities to an individual shall not be made available until receipt of the final results of the criminal background check from the BCA are deemed acceptable to the school district and approved by the school board.

Things to Remember While Working with Children

  1. The most valuable thing you have to offer as a volunteer is friendliness & caring.
  2. Call each child by name.
  3. Listen attentively. Move near the child when you want their attention. Try to work across from the child instead of side-by side. Sit or bend so you can look eye-to-eye.
  4. Talk in a quiet, controlled voice. Avoid talking down to the child.
  5. Be enthusiastic--it is contagious!
  6. Praise the student for every small success no matter how small. You’ll be building self-esteem.
  7. If you don’t know something, don’t be afraid to tell the student so.
  8. Be patient. Everyone has good and bad days.
  9. Above all, keep your sense of humor!
  10. Remember the importance of confidentiality.

Winona Area Public School Locations

Goodview Elementary

5100 W. 9th Street
Winona, MN 55987

Jefferson Elementary

1268 W. 5th Street
Winona, MN 55987

Washington-Kosciusko Elementary

365 Mankato Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

Winona Middle School

1570 Homer Road
Winona, MN 55987

Winona Senior High School

901 Gilmore Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

Winona Area Learning Center

1299 West 3rd Street
Winona, MN 55987

Community Education

903 Gilmore Avenue
Winona, MN 55987

  • Adult Literacy
  • After School Activities Gr. 5-8
  • Baby Connections
  • Community Preschools
  • Early Childhood Family Education
  • Early Childhood Screening
  • Key Kids/Summer Key Kids
  • Project COMPASS