Winhawk Q and A

In November of 2020, WAPS Superintendent Dr. Annette K. Freiheit started a Weekly Q and A with communications coordinator John Casper in order to give the community a behind-the-scenes view of some of the decisions the district makes. The topics, so far, have included reasoning behind learning model shifts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, an update on the referendum projects and what goes into calling off school because of weather.


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In-person learning at WSHS

In-person learning at WMS

Why you should get tested for COVID-19

Student Support Services Study Group report

The decision to return to in-person learning

What is the Climate Cohort and how will it benefit students?

Increasing family engagement in 2021-22

How does Dr. Freiheit determine a snow day?

COVID testing and vaccines

Return to Campus Timeline nears conclusion

Referendum talk with Buildings and Grounds Director

Athletics resume at WAPS

A return to in-person and hybrid learning

Examining the courses offered at WSHS

The superintendent's study groups

The importance of reporting positive cases

Shifting learning models at WAPS

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