Login information for student platforms in Grades 5-12

Herky Distance Learning

Hello families,

In order to make sure all of our students and families are on the same page heading into the school year, our instructional coaches have put together a list of resources to help everyone find their needed usernames, passwords and IDs.

Please see the links below to where you can find that information for your child so they can log into the key platforms online, including Schoology, Infinite Campus and Destiny.

These guidelines are for students and families in Grades 5-12.

In addition, you will also be shown where your Parent Schoology Access Code is located, so parents and guardians can link their own Schoology account to the student(s) in their household. This will allow the parent or guardian to see what their student(s) has due for class assignments throughout the school year.

***All 5th grade parents will not have their Schoology Parent Access Code and should email Jeremy Graves at jeremy.graves@winona.k12.mn.us for help***

If you have any questions, please reach out to your child's homeroom or Guided Study Hall teacher.

Helpful directions to find important info you and your child needs

Directions to find Chromebook username and password, along with the Parent Schoology Access Code (for parent use only)

Directions on how to find your child's student ID number (for parent use only)

Student sign in directions for Schoology, Infinite Campus, Destiny (for student use)

Helpful Directions for Parents to Sign Up and Navigate Schoology

Getting Started on Schoology for Parents

How to sign up for Schoology for Parents