WSHS musical earns accolades from Spotlight Education

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

WSHS students earned recognition from Spotlight Education for "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," including outstanding performance in a leading role for Adeline Matthees.

The Winona Senior High School fall musical caught the eye of Spotlight Education.

The program, sponsored by the Hennepin Theatre Trust, sends trained theater professionals and educators to evaluate high school theater performances around the state. They do not judge one school against another, but rather evaluate the performance given and give constructive feedback to those involved. When they feel it is deserving, honors are awarded to the ensemble and/or individuals.

The individual awards, if received, allow the performers to participate in other aspects of the Spotlight program.

This year, Spotlight Education evaluated "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," a musical put on by WSHS students in November of 2019. The production received several honors:

  • Ensemble Performance - Honorable Mention
  • Vocal Performance - Honorable Mention
  • Lights and Sound - Outstanding
  • Adeline Matthees - Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role
  • Preston Kamrowski - Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role
  • Caidan Hoarn - Honorable Mention in a Supporting Role
  • Ava Ringlien - Outstanding in Technical Leadership
  • Zane Al-Saeed - Evaluator Shout-out
  • Jaylon Stolpa - Evaluator Shout-out

The next theatrical production for WSHS students will be the one-act play "A Memory of Herold," which will be performed in competition on Jan. 24. Public performance dates will be announced soon.