WSHS, Community Ed to offer summer athletic activities starting June 15

The following is a message sent from activities director Casey Indra about summer athletic opportunities: 

The WSHS activities office and WAPS Community Education are excited to announce that we have been given permission to start activities in small groups beginning Monday, June 15. 

A few things to keep in mind: 

  • Not all teams will be able to start on June 15. Some programs will need to remain on hold until the governor’s order is lifted or we are granted access to certain facilities. Other programs may choose to wait for other reasons. 
  • Any organized activities will need to strictly adhere to guidelines established by the Minnesota Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other experts.
  • There will be no cost to the student to participate in these activities.
  • All summer activities are OPTIONAL. You are not required to participate.

We are still working with the MSHSL and local stakeholders to finalize our overall plans. Each coach will develop a sport-specific plan that needs to be approved by the activities office and administration. No team will be granted permission to practice until this plan is in place. 

The weight room will be closed until permissions are given from the state to open it. Until then, we will be doing workouts at Paul Giel. If you are interested in participating, we ask that you reach out to one of your coaches to put your name on a tentative list. An official signup will take place next week once the plan is finalized. We are currently looking at a 7 a.m. and an 8;30 a.m. session. If the need for more sessions is there, we will build more into the schedule.  We are limited to four pods of nine students in each session so please let your coaches know your preference. 

Here is a sample of the tentative plan:

  • Day 1 (Monday): Plyometrics, Body Weight Exercises (circuit), Core
  • Day 2 (Tuesday): Speed/Agility, Conditioning, Core, Stretching
  • Day 3 (Thursday): Speed/Agility, Body Weight Exercises (circuits), Core
  • Day 4 (Friday): Body Weight Exercises, Conditioning, Core, Stretching

Athletes, It will be important that when asked you sign up for a group.  Each team, including those who just want weight room/conditioning, will have to put athletes into groups of nine or less. Once in a group, you will not be able to change groups. If you do not sign up for a group, you may not be able to practice with your team until a new group can be formed. Please be aware that this process will be tedious but it is for the safety of all of our students and our community.

More information will be sent out early next week with detailed instructions. Please reach out to your coach or me ( if you have any questions. 
Have a great summer and I hope to see you soon.

Thank you,
Casey Indra
Activities Director
Winona Senior High School