#WinhawkTBT: Do you know what year this Lincoln School class photo was taken?

Lincoln School Class Photo

We think this is a photo of a class at the "old" Lincoln Elementary school, which was torn down after the "new" Lincoln was built in 1952. But we aren't sure. Do you know when this photo was taken?

We need some help for this week’s #WinhawkTBT. Do you what year this photo was taken?

The Winona Middle School PTA recently found a container of scrapbooks and photos from both the middle school and Lincoln Elementary school — both the “old” school and the “new” school, which was built right next to it on the corner of Huff and Sarnia. Both have since been torn down.

This class photo was included in a folder of other Lincoln photographs. We believe it is from the “old” school, which probably puts this class photo in the 1940s or early 1950s.

The reason we are sharing this photo is because it has the names of the kids on the back. Our apologies if we couldn’t read any handwriting and spelled a name wrong.

Front row, left to right: Rodney Clausen, Jeff Cleland, Chuck Thompson, Ricky Olson, Harley Blattner, Tom Suprenaut. Second row: Maxine Iveland, Barbara Vermeer, Susan Stearns, Judy Van Wyhe, Cathy Carsrud, Karen Briggs. Third row: Andy Schmidt, Renee Wills, Tamara Crowley, Dennis Oehlerts, Kathy Rapp, Connie Walker, Sanda Wessls, person unknown. Fourth row: Joelene Reu, Paul Navara, Marcia Huiskes, Cindy Swenson, Kirk Hudson, John Rodgers, Bryon Franken.

Do you know what year this photo was taken. Do you know which grade level? Do you know who the man in the suit is?

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