WAPS Unsung Hero: Norm Semling, substitute teacher

WAPS Unsung Hero: Norm Semling, substitute teacher
A teacher sits at a desk and greets a student wearing a backpack

Norm Semling shares a moment with Landon Poswiatowsky after class.

There are hundreds of unsung heroes who make our school district a special place. 

Norm Semling is one of them. 

Norm is a retired educator who is now a substitute teacher exclusively at the Winona Middle School. 

This is what building secretary Karla Hemker had to say about Norm: 

"Every time he enters our school, he is cheerful, dependable and supportive. He has the ability to connect with many of our learners. He is affectionately known around the Middle School as 'Old Faithful.' As the WMS building secretary I know first hand the challenge that it is in securing a sub. Norm is one of a kind! I always look forward to visiting with him at the end of his day and about his time here at the middle school. When he checks out with me at the end of his assignment, he exits with a smile on his face and tells me 'I had another GREAT day!'

Norm taught at CF-C for 21 years in math and science and 10 more in Arcadia for a total of 31 years in education. He has been subbing in WAPS since 2005. 

Thank you Norm for inspiring, engaging and empowering our Winhawks at the middle school.