Throwback Thursday: The newest student club in 1943? The Pan-American Club

Pan American Club 1943 1944

The Pan-American Club included, from left to right in the first row: B. McCarron, A. Eder, M. Rolbiecki, J. Jederman, M. Gilbertson; second row: adviser Miss Louise Bloom, A. Calzada, A. Wiemer, V. Smith, J. Einhorn, A. Baena; third row: J. Thorn, D. Tarras, S. Jensen, N. Staley, P. Thiele, M. Kohner.

In the 1943-44 school year, the newest student organization at Winona High School was the Pan-American Club, which was bolstered by two students from Latin America — Armando Colzada and Aurelio Baena.

The club hosted speakers who traveled to the region and showed movies, according to the 1944 Radiograph yearbook. The club also held several parties which featured Spanish games and songs. 

Colzada served as the club president, Barbara McCarron was vice president and Marilyn Gilbertsen was the secretary. 

The adviser was Miss Louise Bloom, who from 1928-1967 taught social studies, German and geography at the high school. Bloom, born in Germany, continued to educate young people in the community after she retired. She taught German and Spanish to young mothers, and helped teach home-bound students. She received the Community Service Award from the Winona Education Association in 1980 and continued to offer German lessons at the YWCA until she died in 1993 at the age of 91.