Throwback Thursday: Let's try this again ... do you know when this photo was taken?

Lincoln Elementary photo

Do you know what year this photo was taken? We believe it was from Lincoln Elementary and from the year 1947, 1952, 1958 or 1969. 

For last week's #WinhawkTBT, we posted a photo of what we thought was a class at Lincoln Elementary school. 

Apparently, we were wrong. The photo was not of a Winona classroom. Not only did anyone not recognize the students in the photo, nobody recognized the names, either.

How a photo of a class from another part of Minnesota ended up with files from Lincoln Elementary and the Winona Middle School is unknown. Some have speculated a teacher brought the photo with him or her ...

We apologize for the confusion. And hope you'll indulge us again as we share one more photo from the files. 

We're fairly certain this photo did indeed come from a Winona elementary school. There is a stamp on the back crediting the photographer, Harriet J. Kelly of Winona. (If you have photography needs, give Harriet a call at 9172 ... although that may be an old number.)

That's about all we know of this photo. We don't know what year it was taken (although the calendar on the back lists May 4 as a Sunday, which means this photo is from 1947, 1952, 1958 or 1969. 

Do you know when the photo was taken? Do you know who is in the photo? Email with your answers.