Photos: Cupcake Wars in WSHS baking class

Cupcake Wars photos

Star Wars-themed cupcakes were declared the winner of Cupcake Wars in Shelly Spallees Hansen's Baking & Pastry Arts class at Winona Senior High School.

The end of the semester meant another round of Cupcake Wars in Family and Consumer Science teacher Shelly Spallees Hansen's Baking & Pastry Arts classes.

Hansen teaches two sections of Baking & Pastry Arts, and each class held its own competition. Volunteers from the high school and district office served as judges for the event, awarding points based on display, use of a "secret" ingredient, the flavor of the cupcake, flavor of the icing and presentation of the cupcake.

The second-hour class (which most of the photos below are from) had a Disney theme. The winners were the team that went with the Star Wars cupcakes, which contained a surprisingly delicious mixture of raspberries and marshmallows that wowed the panel of judges. 

Students on the winning team included Matthew Satka, Adam Kimmerle, Xavier Mercer, Emily Lejk and Aurora-Solana Seelhoff.

Other highlights included: the creativity of one team to use a volcano in its display, which was inspired by a Disney short called "Lava," edible cupcake wrappers designed by the team that made the "Frozen" cupcakes and the crumbled up Girl Scout cookies used by the "Moana" team.

The first-hour class went with a sports theme, which was won by James O'Grady, Riccardo Spera, Cameron Mercier and Logan Klassen for their volleyball-themed display and cupcakes.