More than 60 WSHS students inducted into National Honor Society

More than 60 WSHS students inducted into National Honor Society
A group of students pose for a picture in front of a beautiful backdrop

More than 60 Winona Senior High School students were inducted into the National Honor Society at an outdoor ceremony held behind the high school on Wednesday night. 

A total of 62 students — 31 in each of the graduating classes of 2024 and 2025 — took the pledge to “give unsparingly of (their) time and energy,” to “be at all times a model student,” and to “uphold the high purpose” of the NHS, which has been recognizing outstanding students since 1921.

“Tonight is a commemoration of the late night study sessions, the early mornings and the impact you have all had on this beautiful place we call home,” NHS president Mariyah Rumpca-Veronese said. “To be here in the wish to be good to both yourself and the community speaks volumes not only about who you are as a person, but who you will become.”

Rumpca-Veronese was one of four student speakers, who each spoke about one of the pillars of NHS — character, service, leadership and scholarship. Rumpca-Veronese spoke about character, while speeches were also delivered by Omar Rodrigeuz Porras (service), Adele Jacobsen (leadership) and Miranda Lindaman (scholarship). 

All four speakers serve on the board, along with Diptanshu Roka, who introduced guest speaker Debi Niebuhr.

The advisor of the National Honor Society is Sarah Dixen. 

The faculty council is Courtney Dahlby, Seth Haun, Susan Larsen and Kim Penrod.

Returning members in the Class of 2024 include: Coral Bausman, Aliyah Bebout, Melanie Butenhoff, Bailey Grinsteinner, Adele Jacobsen, Marin Keller, Lacey Kimmerle, Lauren Kimmerle, Allison Lejk, Miranda Lindaman, Isabell Livingston, Mollie Ping, Faith Quinn, Omar Rodriguez Porras, Diptanshu Roka, Mariyah Rumpca-Veronese, Jay Spartz, Benna Wells, Harper Wolner, Hailey Yender.

New members in the Class of 2024 include: Nathaniel Balci, Carson Jones, Chloe Maki, Juliana-Rae Meyer, Samuel O’Grady, Clarice Potter, Emily Swartling, Emily Van Norman, Jakob Yearous, Olivia Yoon.  

Class of 2025 inductees include: Alaina Bell, Brady Benedict, Tanner Benson, Mya Brand, Adriana Brenengen, Clay Cottrell, Alicia Dionysius, Alexia Ebertowski, Makayla Finnegan, Anna Gilmer, Cheyenne Goettelman, Evelyn Gondola, Asta Griggs, Malia Indra, Ruby Kiesel, Valaina Kiesel, Boden Larsen, Jacob Larsen, Lenora Leger, Sawyer Lepsch, Jillian Macon, Keeli Meyer, Eric Pampuch, Hope Quinn, Makenna Schroeder, Joshua Sheridan, Myron St George, Lauren Steinfeldt, Brianna Styba, Morgan Tye, Alexandria Vesel.