#MentorMonday spotlight: Brennan Ashton

Brennan Ashton Mentor of the Week

This week’s Miller Mentoring #MentorMonday spotlight shines on Brennan Ashton, a product developer engineer in thermoplastics. Brennan has been a mentor for four years.

He said he started mentoring “to help others who may not have been afforded the same opportunities or support that I had available to myself growing up. Hopefully, though mentoring, we can show the importance of education and the many paths it can open up for all students.”

When he meets with his student, Brennan says they catch up on what is new in school or life. He offers to help with homework, and they play board games.

“If you are able to volunteer, you absolutely should,” Brennan says. “The learning and growth experience goes both ways in the mentor-mentee relationship. They can be as much of a positive influence in your lives as you are in theirs”

The Miller Mentoring program, which has a presence at both Winona Senior High School and Winona Middle School, promotes and nurtures the relationship between mentor and student. To learn more about the program or to apply to become a mentor, visit winonaschools.org/miller-mentoring.