Join us in celebrating National School Social Work Week

Join us in celebrating National School Social Work Week
Five people pose for a photo

Our school social workers are, from left, Micah Pfohl, Chelsea Scott, Angela Holloway, Rachel Luehmann and Christon Best.

Next week is National School Social Work Week, a time to celebrate and thank the dedicated, creative and selfless school social workers across the country. 

We are fortunate to have four of these superheroes working in Winona Area Public Schools. 

  • Christon Best
  • Angela Holloway
  • Rachel Luehmann
  • icah Pfohl
  • Chelsea Scott 

What do our school social workers do? 

In a word: everything. 

School social workers are licensed mental health professionals and practitioners who are instrumental in addressing the diverse needs of students. They work with educators, parents and community members to ensure that each child has the opportunity to thrive academically, socially and emotionally. They are the glue that holds together the home-school-community partnership, promote mental health awareness, contribute significantly to positive school climate and use data and research to help WAPS make systemic changes to support individual needs.

Please join us in thanking Ms. Holloway, Mr. Pfohl, Ms. Best and Ms. Luehmann for all they do to inspire, engage and empower our students.