January & February Foundation for WAPS Grants

January 2019 Grants

Shine On- WK & Jefferson- $500 Shine on is a half day retreat for 3rd and 4th grade girls to help empower them and provide skills to lift their self-esteem and help them feel confident.  Yoga, meditation, bead bracelets, vision boards, and journaling skills were taught.  50 students benefited

Concordia Language Village- WSHS- $1600 – This trip offers WSHS World Language students an opportunity to be immersed in a target language and culture, offering them authentic experience without having to leave the country.  20 students

February 2019 Grants

Performance in the Park- WMS- $1922.55 This experience provides students an exciting public performance opportunity and also is able to watch other school groups perform.  These collaborative learning experiences boost confidence with a unique opportunity to bond and create as an ensemble. 132 students

5th Grade MN Zoo Field trip- WMS- $1841.88- This trip allows students to view animals in their adaptive environment, through pre and post visit assessment.  5th graders compare different adaptations of animals and how these specific adaptations help the animals survive in the wild. 225 students

Musical Theater Field Trip- WMS- $168- This field trip is to take a Musical Theater class to the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis to see an off-Broadway production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. This experience helps the students better understand what they learn in the classroom about theater and see it in a dramatic learning way.  The students will also have an opportunity to meet some of the performers and ask questions. 8 students

Musical Calendar Time- Jefferson- $73.47- This grant will allow Jefferson to purchase a turntable for the Developmental Cognitive Disability students.  Existing albums will be used on the turntable to practice activities with balance, body part recognition, and various learning activities. 14 students