Foundation for WAPS November Grants

Project Name:  Visiting Misato, Japan
School Name:  Winona Middle School and Winona Senior High School

Education Purpose & Goals: The purpose of the Misato Japan trip is to benefit WAPS students with the training of travel. The students will learn about the culture and history of Japan. The students will return home with a new vision for their future. The positive outlook the Ambassadors return home with will carry over into the community as they volunteer and work toward graduation.
Number of students to benefit:  18
Grant Approved Amount: $1800


Project Name: Dr. Jean Music/ Blue Tooth Speaker
School Name: Washington-Kosciusko Elementary
Education Purpose & Goals: This music will be used in the kindergarten classroom to teach reading, math, social studies and science.  The songs are engaging and help kids learn very important kindergarten curriculum. Ten albums will be purchased   from the library on iTunes. The music library will be purchased and downloaded on the school iPad and played on a Bluetooth speaker provided from the Foundation for WAPS.
Number of students to benefit:  17
Grant Approved Amount: $229.86


Project Name: WSHS Orchestra trip to New York City
School Name: Winona Senior High school
Education Purpose & Goals: This trip will benefit the students by exposing them to the arts and culture of NYC. In our department we have three Power Standards which are taught to our students. Every PLC chose a few of the National Standards that were considered to be the most essential. The Power Standards chosen by the WSHS music department are 1) Evaluate and refine personal and ensemble performances, 2) Perform expressively in a manner appropriate to the context, and 3) Relate musical ideas and works with varied context to deepen understanding. This educational trip will help to achieve these lessons and goals.
Number of students to benefit:  25

Grant Approved Amount: $1600


Project Name:  Science Museum Assembly
School Name: Winona Middle School
Education Purpose & Goals: The fifth grade teachers would like to bring the Science Museum of Minnesota to the school in January for an assembly. Students will learn that water is an essential resource on Earth. Students will get to view how water cycles all the freshwater in Minnesota. Students will see how much water an average Minnesotan uses every day. Students will get a global look at all the water there is on Earth, but learn that only a small percentage is freshwater.
Number of students to benefit:  225

Grant Approved Amount: $325