December Students of the Month
Ella Lange

Goodview – Ella Lange 2nd Grade

Goodview Elementary student of the month is Ella Lange. Ella is a new 2nd grade student at Goodview Elementary as last year she attended Jefferson Elementary. She has adjusted to the new location very well and has made some good friends. She is a hard worker and pays close attention when she is completing her work. Outside of school she enjoys watching hockey games and movies with her family. 


Jefferson – Genevieve (Evie) O'Shea 4th Grade

Jefferson Elementary student of the month is Evie O’Shea. Evie is a 4th grade student who is always kind and respectful to others. She does her best and her work is always completed with high quality. Evie is a friend to everyone. She's always willing to help others. In class, she's a wonderful role model. Whether reading quietly or finishing her work, she's a great example to her peers. The best thing about Evie is her sweet personality. She's always one to give hugs and be there for others. Whenever someone needs a friend, Evie steps up. She tries hard, and she is always respectful, responsible and safe. We are lucky to have Evie at Jefferson as a fourth grade leader!

Conor Palubicki

Washington-Kosciusko – Conor Palubicki 4th Grade

Washington-Kosciusko Elementary student of the month is Conor Palubicki. Conor is a 4th grade student who is a hard worker, a dedicated and engaged learner and a friend to everyone! He has adjusted to the transition from Madison to W-K so well! He has the courage to stand up and do the right thing, even when no one is looking.  His heart is full of compassion and we are so lucky to have him part of our W-K family!

Salome Tolvaisas

Winona Middle School – Salome Tolvaisas 5th Grade

Winona Middle School student of the month is Salome Tolvaisas. Salome is a 5th grade student that has a positive approach to learning and interacting with others. She goes above and beyond in all she does while at school. She consistently shows the Winhawk Way with a smile on her face. She is detail oriented and puts forth great effort. She is respectful to her peers and adults in the building and shows a positive attitude towards her classmates. She is a great leader and we are lucky to have her at Winona Middle School!

Grace Quinn

Winona Senior High School - Grace Quinn 9th Grade

Winona Senior High School student of the month is Grace Quinn. Grace is a 9th grade student that shows drive and determination in and outside the classroom. Grace challenges herself by taking rigorous classwork. This year as a 9th grader she is in two honor courses and one Pre-AP course. She also participates in after school activities. Grace has done a great job transitioning into the high school and is going to be a strong leader as she moves forward in her academic career.

Sabrina Miller

ALC – Sabrina Miller 12th Grade

Winona Area Learning Center student of the month is Sabrina Miller. Sabrina is a 12th grade student that is thoughtful, respectful and diligent.  She requests enriching activities in the classroom, even when it means extra work for her.  She is a delight to have in class and is kind and motivated in school.  We are lucky to have Sabrina at the ALC!