Decades later, W-K second-grade tradition continues

WK Friendship Freezie Party

Washington-Kosciusko second-graders came together on Friday to celebrate their friendship. The activity included a song and a freezie party outside.

Every first Friday of the new school year, for the past several decades, the second-graders at Washington-Kosciusko and their teachers come together to celebrate their friendship. 

This year was no exception.

Past years have included watching the music video "Never Had a Friend Like Me" from Disney's "Aladdin." Other years included reading books about friends to playing friendship BINGO.

This year, on Friday, the end of the first week event had all second-grade classrooms joining together to meet and greet all the new second-graders to the school as well as introduce the classroom teachers and staff for the new school year. 

They sang an Indonesian children's folk song taught by W-K music teacher Brenda Merchlewitz:

There is happiness here,

There is happiness there,

My heart is happy everywhere I go ...

Later, they gathered outside in the warm sunshine to enjoy freezie pops and get to know each other.

Over the years, teachers have come and gone, but a Friday Freezie Friendship Party has always been the same.