Co-Winhawks of the Week for Feb. 17-21

Brayden Borzyskowski

Senior Brayden Borzyskowski is the son of Stacy Erdmann of Winona. Brayden describes himself as driven to succeed, caring of others, and hardworking with a good sense of humor. Brayden enjoys weightlifting, fishing and attending drag races. He lists math and service learning as his favorite subjects. Brayden says that his mom is his role model. Faculty and staff describe Brayden as enthusiastic, positive, kind and hardworking with a great attitude. He is an intelligent young man with a wonderful personality, they say. After graduation, Brayden plans to attend a four-year college to earn a degree that he is passionate about and his advice to students is: “Do your best, work hard, but don’t be afraid to have a little fun and enjoy yourself."

Sondra Dahl

Senior Sondra Dahl is the daughter of Valerie and Arthur Dahl of Winona. Sondra describes herself as kind, honest, hardworking and compassionate, and she lists social studies and English as her favorite classes. Sondra is active in the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society and Link, and she enjoys photography and reading. Sondra says that her role models are her mom and her sister Bekah. Faculty and staff describe Sondra as polite, fun, hardworking, involved and very kind. She is a good student and an intelligent young woman, they say. After graduation Sondra plans to travel the world and eventually have a family and her advice to students is: “Just be yourself and experience high school for what it has to offer before it’s over. Do things that scare you."