‘Bubba’ honored for 40 years of service to WAPS

‘Bubba’ honored for 40 years of service to WAPS
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On paper, he’s known as Robert Muras. 

Around Winona Area Public Schools, he’s simply known as “Bubba.”

Robert “Bubba” Muras was honored for his 40 years of service to the students, staff and families of Winona Area Public Schools at the back-to-school celebration on Tuesday at Winona Middle School. 

Muras is a Winona High graduate and a valued member of the maintenance staff. He received a standing ovation as he went up to receive his recognition. 

Other employees honored for their years of service include: 

Lisa Mullen 30 Years
  • 35 years: Douglas Block, Lisa Mullen
30 Years of Service Employees
  • 30 years: Kristi Conway, Marie Holmquist, William Knopp, Kari Wantock
25 Years of Service Employees
  • 25 years: Kelly Allington, Sara Bittle, Leisa Evanson, Mary Lewis-Hyde, Janet Nelson, Kristin Nibbelink, Kara Welch
20 Years of Service Employees
  • 20 years: Patricia Beckman, Joseph Cynor, Tamara Eastep, Colleen Gray, Michael Hundt, Linda Jacobs, Tonia Lecy, Geri Lehnertz, Christen Schultz, Julie Seeley, Melissa Shields, Sarah Slaby, Denise Van Etten, Jennifer Woyczik