An update on threats made against the middle school and high school

An update on threats made against the middle school and high school

Hello families, 

We have an update on threats made against Winona Middle School and Winona Senior High School on social media. 

The Winona Police Department has identified and located an individual who confessed to creating and distributing the messages. No firearms were located, and the WPD has determined that the threats made were not credible. To protect the privacy of those involved, we are not able to provide any more information.

The “Secure” safety response at both the middle school and high school have been lifted, and the school day will resume as normal. As a reminder, all buildings in Winona Area Public Schools are following the Standard Response Protocol from the I Luv U Guys Foundation

We want to take a moment and recognize all of the people who came together to keep our students, staff and WAPS community safe, starting with the individual who saw this threat on social media and reported it. Any threat of violence is taken seriously. Student safety is our top priority, and it is also a shared responsibility. We are thankful to the many students and staff in our buildings who share our values and cooperated to keep our school safe. 

We also want to thank the Winona Police Department for their quick response to this matter. We are grateful for their support and cooperation.

Finally, we also understand the emotional impact days like today can have on students, on families and on communities. The National Association of School Psychologists has a robust library of resources and tips for families to help families and children cope with crisis events. While we are on Winter Break through Tuesday, Jan. 2, all of our students have access to trained, licensed school counselors, school psychologists and school social workers if they need additional support. If your student needs support, please contact the counseling office.

We hope that all of our families enjoy this time together, and that you have a relaxing, restful and safe winter break. We will see you on Wednesday, Jan. 3. 

Thank you,

Brad Berzinski
Winona Area Public Schools