Referendum 2023

Winona referendum logo invest, improve, inspire vote april 11 2023


A community vision to invest in our students to improve our learning and activity spaces to inspire lifelong learning.

Referendum details

Scientific survey shows support for the plan, WAPS

a-Survey results 82 percent agree
82 percent agree our community receives a good value for its investment in local public schools


b-Survey results 1
84 perecent agree flexible learning spaces are important to student learning


c-Survey results 3a
76 percent support a property tax increase for maintenance improvements


d-Survey results 2
75 percent agree the school board and administration do what is right for children in the district


x-Survey results 4
74 percent support a property tax increase to remodel classrooms at all elementary schools


y-Survey results 4
70 percent support a property tax increase to renovate the industrial tech wing


z-Survey results 6
55 percent support a property tax increase to construct a second gymnasium


Professional interviewers from The Morris Leatherman Company conducted the survey by telephone between May 23 and June 3, 2022. Learn more about the research methods by clicking this link

Now is the time to invest.
Construction inflation is increasing at a steady rate and our needs are not going away.