Facility Task Force

September 13, 2016 - December 6, 2016

Winona Area Public Schools had initiated a process to gather community input as the School Board moved forward with a decision around WAPS facilities.

Task Force consisted of 30 members, including:

  • WAPS Board Members (3 Members)
  • WAPS Staff (7 Members)
  • Parents, Community Members, Senior Citizens, Business Representation, Civic Leaders, Students (20 Members)
The role of the task force was to analyze and review information and data regarding WAPS facilities and their capacity for 21st century learning. The Task Force submitted a report to the School Board for consideration. The report included an examination of deferred maintenance, capital projects, and the possibilities around renovating or replacing school buildings. All meetings were facilitated by Wold Architects.

Meetings were held at Winona Senior High School in the Media Center from 6:00-8:00 p.m.

The public was welcomed to attend and observe the meetings of the Task Force.

Facility Task Force Members:
Task Force Facilitator: Paul Aplikowski, WOLD Architects

Allison Gruber

Gretchen Michlitsch

Michael Lehnertz

Amanda Indra

John Schollmeier

Nathan Pollock

Amy Whillock

Joshua van Tol

Nicole Schossow

Ben Schwab

Katie Maschka

Fernandez Greene

Brian Neil

Kendall Larson

Jordan Buerck

Christian Kauphusman

Kris Lynch

Angel Majera

Cindy Amberg

Leslie Foote

Jay Kohner

David Wickstrom

Lindsy O'Shea

Jeanne Nelson

Dennis Meyer

Lucy McMartin

Steve Schild

Meeting 1: September 13, 2016

Meeting 2: September 20, 2016

Meeting 3: October 4, 2016

Meeting 4: October 18, 2016

Meeting 5: November 1, 2016

Meeting 6: November 15, 2016

Meeting 7: November 29, 2016

Meeting 8: December 6, 2016