Community Task Force

WAPS Community Task Force


Recommendation: Invest in current buildings

Future classroom possibility

The WAPS Community Task Force — which included both district staff and community residents — has recommended a plan that would see the district continue to invest and improve the current fleet of buildings. 

The task force met 10 times over the course of four months and vetted 12 different options — new construction, consolidating buildings, changing grade-level configurations and various combinations — before coming back to Option A. 




Morris Leatherman Survey Results

The majority of district residents believe in Winona Area Public Schools and approve the recommendation of the Community Task Force to invest in and improve the current fleet of school buildings, according to a scientific survey conducted by The Morris Leatherman Company.

Meeting Agendas, Documents and Videos


Goodview principal Emily Cassellius gives a tour

Task Force Members

  • Cindy Amberg, Community Member
  • Julie Biggerstaff, Community Member
  • Jackie Goyette, Community Member
  • Laura Greseth, Community Member
  • Kaylee Haun, Community Member
  • Ted Hazelton, Community Member
  • Julie Heinrichs, Community Member
  • Allen Hillery, Community Member
  • Drew Krings, Community Member
  • David Kuklinski, Community Member
  • Kris Lynch, Community Member
  • Lucy McMartin, Community Member
  • Lindsy O'Shea, Community Member
  • Andy Pierce, Community Member
  • Theresa Sadler, Community Member
  • Christa Schul, Community Member
  • Luke Sims, Community Member
  • Karen Sullivan, Community Member
  • Ed Thompson, Community Member
  • Jeremy Graves, Staff Member
  • Amanda Indra, Staff Member
  • Toni McDevitt, Staff Member
  • Brenda Nelson, Staff Member
  • Katie Pearce, Staff Member
  • Laura Watkins, Staff Member