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Executive Order 20-82 indicates that a school district that operates a hybrid or distance learning model must provide school-aged care for eligible children at no cost during the time those children are not receiving instruction in the school building during regular school hours. The school-age care for children of critical workers is intended for extreme circumstances in which no parent or guardian is at home, due to employment as a critical worker.

Each custodial guardian or parent of a child's household must qualify as a Tier 1 employee to receive free childcare during the school day. 

This school-age care must be provided for district or school-enrolled school-age children age 12 and under who are children of critical workers in Tier I of the state critical worker list. Children of Tier I workers only will be cared for at no cost during the typical school hours.

The Tier I list of eligible children is available here.

Care for children of families that do not qualify for Tier I status is available at the regular full day rate for Key Kids.

This form (Verification of Tier I Employment Fall 2020) will ask you to verify the employment of adult guardians and parents in the household as Tier I workers. Verification from employers will need to be uploaded. A current letter from your employer or human resource department verifying two things:

  • The employment of the parent or guardian with Tier I job responsibilities identified
  • The work schedule of the parent or guardian

Verification letters that do not have both an employment status and a work schedule will not be accepted, and verification letters need to be uploaded for each custodial guardian or parent in a child's household.

If you have previously registered for Key Kids, you can fill out this form for Tier I free child care.

If you are a new family to Key Kids, please follow this link to register.

Tier I employees will have childcare available for them free during the hours of 7 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. on the days your child is not in school. Your child must be picked up at 2:15 p.m. or you can enroll your child in Key Kids after-school care from 2:15-5:30 p.m. After-school Key Kids time is fee-based to all families. Care will be provided at the building that your child attends.

Scheduled district non-school days, such as teacher workshop days, Education Minnesota weekend, holiday breaks, etc., all-day care will be provided at Winona Middle School, and it will be fee-based for all families. You must pre-register for the non-school days you are needing care on the Key Kids website under Non-School Day Care.

Questions about verification can be directed to the Director of Community Education, Ann Riebel, at 507-494-0901.

Each applicant will be contacted regarding their application for Tier I status.

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