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Distance Learning Plan

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By Executive Order 20-19, Gov. Tim Walz directed all public schools to implement distance learning plans, continue providing student meals, and provide onsite care to school-aged children of certain workers in Critical Sectors exempted under Executive Order 20-20 (“Eligible Children”). Winona Area Public Schools is prepared to implement our distance learning plan on March 31, 2020. We have a scheduled teacher workday on March 30, 2020, that teachers will be using for professional development and final preparations for the first day of distance learning on March 31.

Update (4/23/20): Gov. Walz extended the distance learning period through the end of the 2019-2020 school year, which in the case of Winona Area Public Schools, is Friday, June 5. WAPS staff will use Friday, May 1 and Monday, May 4 as planning days to prepare for distance learning for the remainder of the school year. There will be no distance learning instruction offered on these days. Any changes to our distance learning plan will be updated here and communicated with our students, families and community.

Distance learning is defined by the Minnesota Department of Education as “providing students with access to appropriate educational materials and ensuring they receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s).” Students are expected to connect each day, interact with their teachers, and engage in the learning. The learning is aligned to the Minnesota Academic Standards or locally developed academic standards.

This plan is a work in progress as we shift the way we educate our children. This shift will require patience, understanding, team work, and forgiveness for all involved. Winona Area Public Schools is committed to continuous evaluation of our plan and will seek feedback on our progress. As educators learn more from our students’ learning, both successes and failures, we will strive to revise and improve the learning experience. The first week, March 31 to April 3, is developed to support our students and families and the shift in learning delivery with a focus on relationships and social/emotional learning. In the following weeks, there will be a greater focus on the academic standards.

Parents, we understand that you may feel anxious about your role. Please know that your student’s teacher will continue to facilitate and guide your student’s education. We are asking that you remain a part of the team, serving as both a collaborator and cheerleader in your student’s learning.

Winona Area Public Schools remains committed to our vision, mission, and core values, whether we are educating our students in our school buildings or through distance learning. We are also focused on providing equitable access to distance learning for every student that ensures the ability to learn and succeed. We remain dedicated to supporting every student and family during this stressful time.


One community of lifelong learners, engaged in creating our culture, where all are safe, valued and accountable to one another for success.


Expect excellence, grounded in compassion, to meet the needs of all learners.


  • Excellence: Be my best and expect the best of others
  • Kindness: Concern, compassion and advocacy for others
  • Respect: Acceptance of self and others as we work together
  • Honesty: Say and do the right thing, even if no one is watching
  • Responsibility: Do my part and be accountable for what I say and do

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