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All students (Public and Non Public) are required to register for transportation annually. Winona Area Public School student transportation registration is included with the required on line yearly student registration process through Infinite Campus. Any requested changes that happen throughout the year should be requested through the WAPS Transportation Change Request Form.

**Please note that this form does not change your student's address in their student file. Please update your address through the Infinite Campus portal or by contact your school of attendance.

Non public and charter schools must register annually using the on line Non-Public/Charter School Registration/Change Form. All changes to transportation during the year should be requested using this form as well.
  • The District provides transportation for students from home to school and school to home.
  • This may include morning daycare pickups and afternoon daycare drop offs. These must be consistent everyday and must be within the student's attendance area boundary.
  • This may include accommodations for students with two homes.
  • Students are only allowed to ride the bus to which they are assigned.
  • The Winona Area Public Schools Board of Education operates a two-tier bus system which means that many buses will be assigned to double routes. Buses will pick up students for elementary and other schools on an early tier. Then once finished with those routes, proceed to their second tier of middle school and high schools to deliver those students to school using the same bus resource and driver. The result of structuring a transportation system this way is to optimize bus and driver utilization, thus reducing the number of buses required to transport students to school. Because fewer buses and drivers are needed, this directly translates into cost savings for the district.

Please note:

  • Busses are full and have little room for variations in student passengers.
  • Busses need to keep as close to their schedule as possible. Please be ready and to your stop 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Written notes from home and given to the bus drivers are not acceptable. To safely process these alternate transportation requests, all requests need to be completed on the transportation registration form. Changes requested will be processed within 2-3 days. This allows us the proper time to communicate to our bus company and drivers the changes and ensure the safety of our passengers.


  • Birthday Parties
  • Sleepovers
  • Appointments (dental/medical/hair/etc.)
  • After School (Non-School) Activities (bowling, adventure club, piano lessons, religion)


Children enrolled in Community Kids Preschool for the upcoming school year are being offered transportation to and from preschool. If your student would like busing, please complete the transportation request form. Transportation cannot be provided without a completed form.

If you have questions please contact me at 507-494-0810 or the Community Kids preschool at 507-494-0913.

Preschool Transportation Registration


Boundary Map

Winona Area Public Schools have elementary school attendance boundaries established. Students attending WK, Jefferson, and Goodview must live over one mile from school and live or attend daycare in the respective attendance area.

The district does not transport students to households or daycare outside of the attendance area for these schools and are allowed ONE pick up and ONE drop off location which is the same everyday, except if listed in and IEP or other legal court documents. To find your school of attendance by address, please click on the "Attendance Boundaries" link on the menu bar to the right or call the transportation office with any questions.

Students attending non public, charter, Rios Spanish Immersion are allowed transportation across attendance area boundaries, but are still allowed only ONE pick up and ONE drop off location which is the same everyday. Exceptions may be granted if listed in and IEP or other legal court documents.


Winona Middle School and Winona Senior High students do not have attendance area boundaries, but are only allowed ONE pick up and ONE drop off location which is the same everyday, except if listed in and IEP or other legal court documents.

Charter/Non Public

Students are allowed one pick up and one drop off location. Please complete the daycare section for daycare pick ups. If you have a child that has two homes or wishes to be picked up or dropped off at an alternate location, please fill out the alternate address section. (The district does not transport for after school activities, including lessons or to the YMCA.)

The stops will be used in place of the home pick up or drop off, and MUST BE THE SAME EVERYDAY.

You may have a pick up that is different in the AM than in the PM; daycare or alternate address that is used for both pick up and drop off, but they must be the same everyday. The district does not allow for schedules that vary by day for daycare, for families that have split households or custody arrangements.

This form should be completed for all students by June 1, 2018.



How far must children live from school before the school district is required to transport them?

By statute school districts are required to transport students living more than 2 miles from school. In Winona, students living one or more miles from their school are provided bus transportation.

Must a school district transport children who live less than 2 miles from school if there is a hazard between the home and the school?

No. A school district may transport children who would encounter an extraordinary traffic, drug, or crime hazard if they walked, but the school district is not required to provide transportation. In Winona, the district provides adult crossing guards at the schools and does bus for a limited amount of hazardous conditions, due to extraordinary traffic hazards, as defined by the school board.

Who determines what conditions are extraordinary traffic, drug or crime hazards?

The school district would determine what conditions would be considered hazardous. In Winona, the district consults with the city traffic engineer to get advice on this subject.

How does the district measure the distance between a child’s home and the school?

The non-busing boundaries are computer generated using a positional accurate map from the Winona County GIS division. The distance is generated from property entrance to property entrance using the shortest path taking into account walk paths etc.

How far can a school district require a child to walk to a bus stop?

There is nothing in law or rule about the distance between the child’s home and the bus stop. This is true for all grade levels. In Winona, student’s living in cul-de-sac are expected to walk out to the intersection. The only exception would be for a special education student. It is not uncommon for students to have to walk up to 3 blocks to a bus stop. Visibility of a bus stop from the child’s home is not a deciding factor for bus stops. Most bus stops are at intersections.

Is there a law or rule that limits the amount of time a child can spend on the school bus?

There is nothing in state law or rule that set a maximum amount of time a child can spend on the school bus. Local school districts may adopt a maximum time in their school board’s transportation policy. In Winona, our goal is to keep rides as close to one hour as possible, but students in outlying areas do have rides longer than one hour.

Can my child lose his/her bus riding privileges?

Yes. In Minnesota, riding a school bus is a privilege and not a right. Each local school district has adopted rules of conduct for waiting at the bus stop and for riding the school bus. If your child does not follow the rules, your child could lose his/her bus riding privileges for the entire school year. Bus drivers identify student misconduct and the bus company submits written discipline reports to the student’s school. It is the responsibility of the administrator of the school, or a designee, to decide the consequence of misbehavior.

Will my child receive school bus safety training at school?

Yes. Children in grades K-10 must receive school bus safety training during the first few weeks of school. It is recommended that parents review the school bus safety rules with younger children throughout the school year

Are there any laws and rules that limit the passenger seating on a school bus?

Yes. The number of children on the school bus cannot be more than the number of passengers that can be fully seated. The seating capacity must be adjusted according to each passenger’s physical size but cannot be more than the manufacturer’s rated seating capacity for the bus. No child is allowed to stand while the bus is in motion.

I want my child to be transported based on a daycare. Does the district have to provide transportation?

The district will provide transportation to and from a daycare as long as the daycare address meets the same requirements as your home address. The daycare must be in the attendance area of the school attending and meet the distance requirements. Additionally, transportation to and from daycare must be consistent meaning that the pick up and drop off point must be the same every day.

I would like my child to ride the bus home with a friend. How can I arrange this?

Students are to ride their assigned bus only due to space issues and student tracking. If you are called out of town on an emergency, temporary arrangements may be scheduled by calling the district transportation office at (507) 494-0810. Signed notes given to the bus driver from parents are not acceptable.

My child doesn’t qualify for busing. Can I pay for transportation?

No. Due to the complex nature of the two-tiered bussing structure, the Winona School District does not have the capability to provide for fee-based bus transportation.

Bus Safety

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