Buildings and Grounds

Pesticide Notice

Minnesota state law requires schools to inform parents and guardians if they apply certain pesticides on school property. Specifically, schools that apply these pesticides must maintain an estimated schedule of pesticide applications and make the schedule available to parents and guardians for review or copying at each school office.

State law also requires that you be told that the long-term health effects on children from the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood.

We will notify you via Infinite Campus – Messenger with Voice prior to pesticide applications made on days other than those specified in the estimated schedule.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact Director of Buildings and Grounds, at 507-494-0870

Indoor Air Quality

Winona Area Public Schools has an indoor air quality management plan that outlines specific policies and procedures used in district to address indoor air quality issues. The District Health and Safety Committee and the Institute for Environmental Assessment, the district’s health and safety consultant, review the plan annually. If you have any questions concerning indoor air quality or would like to use the EPA’s Tool for Schools checklists, please contact Director of Buildings & Grounds at 507-494-0870.

AHERA Annual Asbestos

During the past school year and continuing into the 2018-2019 school year, the following asbestos management plan activities have been or are currently being completed. These activities are pursuant to the Environmental Protection Agency 40 CFR Part 763- “Asbestos Containing Materials in Schools; Final Rule and Notice.”

  • Two (2) Semi-Annual (6 months) Periodic Surveillance Inspections.
  • Abatement Projects at the Winona Senior High School
  • Asbestos Patch/Repair
  • Notification of Asbestos Locations for Short-Term Workers (Electricians, Plumbers, etc.)
  • Training of District Personnel

All work was completed by a licensed asbestos abatement contractors. Asbestos documentation can be found in the Buildings and Grounds Office or in the Administrative Office at each of the school facilities. The Management Plan can be viewed, without cost or restriction, during normal working hours. Copies can be obtained for a fee of $.10 per page.

Any questions concerning this notice or an explanation of our Asbestos Management Plan can be directed to the Director of Buildings and Grounds of Winona Area Public Schools, 507-494-0870.

Lead in Water Notice

Minnesota Statute 121A.335 requires public school buildings serving kindergarten through grade 12 to test for lead in water every 5 years.  This statute also requires school districts to make the results of the testing available to the public for review and to notify parents of the availability of the information.  Notification may be accomplished by publishing a statement in the “Back to School” newsletter or publication that is available to staff, student, parents and the public. 

Winona Area Public Schools is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for employees and students.  The district has developed a lead in water management plan and testing program that complies with Minnesota Statute 121A.335, as well as recommendations from the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Lead Contamination Control Act (LCCA) of 1988 and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH).  

For more information on the districts lead reduction and testing program, please contact Director of Buildings & Grounds, at 507-494-0870.

Title III Drivers Training

In order to transport students in any of our district-owned Type III vehicles, district staff must receive training and certification annually.

The district currently has two Chevy Impalas (that fit 5 including driver), and two 10 passenger vans (that fit 9 including driver) that can be reserved. Reserving a district vehicle can be done by contacting the district maintenance secretary, Kacie Lovas, at 507-494-0870 or

Below you will find forms for Type III certification, and statutes for Type III drivers in the state of Minnesota. After reviewing the training presentation, print off and complete the certification packet. Make corrections to the quiz with the attached answer key.

Please drop off, email, or inter-school mail forms, including a copy of the front of your drivers license to Kacie Lovas, located in the district office. 

Please contact Kacie Lovas, Maintenance Secretary, with any questions. You can reach her at 507-494-0870 or

For more information on the state statute, visit:


Scott Albright

Maintenance Manager

Lauren Cowell


Kacie Lovas

Maintenance Secretary

Mike McArdle

Director of Buildings & Grounds