Technology Committee

The District Technology Committee meets quarterly throughout the school year to evaluate district technology use, discuss technology challenges facing our schools, review budgets and policies. The Committee members study current and future plans pertaining to instructional and administrative uses of technology.

Tech Plan 2016-2018



Local Committee Email Position
Emily Cassellius, Administrative Elementary Representative  
Jolene Danca, Administrative Middle School Representative  
Mark Anderson, Administrative Secondary Representative  
Katrina Glick, Elementary Representative  
Joseph Cynor, Middle School Representative  
TBD, High School Representative    
Jen Snook, Technology Integrationist Chair
Jeremy Graves, Technology Integrationist Vice Chair
Jill Nysse, Media Specialist  
Lisa Deneff, Information Systems  
Maurella Cunningham, Learning & Teaching  
Sarah Slaby, Finance  
Katie Rothering, Community Education  
Lori Ulrich, Special Education  


Ex-officio Members

Allison Quam, Board of Education
Rich Dahman, Superintendent
Kevin Flies, Information Systems Director