Curriculum Advisory Committee

The legislature has mandated that school districts form Curriculum Advisory Committees to ensure active community participation in all phases of planning and improving the instruction and curriculum affecting state and district academic standards.

The roles of the school board and the Curriculum Advisory Committee are purely advisory; the school board serves in an overall policy-making role. The superintendent, building administrators and the directors make specific decisions and are charged with implementing those decisions. This is the standard model for Minnesota school districts.

Committee Purpose

The general purposes of the Curriculum Advisory Committee (CAC) are:
  • to serve as an advisory committee that ensures active community participation in all phases in planning and improving instruction and curriculum, especially aspects affecting graduation standards;
  • to advise the school board on implementation of the state and local graduation requirements including K-12 curriculum, assessment, student learning opportunities and other related issues; and
  • to make recommendations to the School Board and the Superintendent of Independent School District No. 861 on district-wide standards assessments and program evaluation.

The Curriculum Advisory Committee work is governed by following:
  • Minnesota Statute 120B.11: School District Process for Reviewing Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement; Striving for the World’s Best Workforce
  • WAPS Policy 603 Curriculum Development
  • WAPS Policy 616 School District System Accountability
  • Curriculum Advisory Committee By-Laws

Community Based Membership

Jeanne Nelson, WAPS Board MemberOn-Going

Open , WSHS Student 11/12

Cooper Hancock, WSHS Student 9/10 Representative2020

Vanessa Butenhoff, Community Representative2020

Karin Worthley, Community Representative2021

Brian Neil, Community Representative2018

Joan McNeil, Community Representative2018

Gerald Portman, Community Representative2018

Heidi Wisniewski, Community Representative2020

Andrea Herczeg, Community

Nikki Kimmerle, Community Representative2021

Jenifer Clemons, Community Representative

Scott Fritz, Community Representative

Education Based Membership

PositionTerm EndsEmail:
, Early Childhood Representative
Kari Johnsrud, Elementary Representative2018

Cory Hanson, Middle School Representative2018

Claire Fox, High School Representative2020

Susan Johnson, EL/SPED Representative2020

Arthur Williams, Elementary PrincipalOn-Going

Mark Winter, Middle School PrincipalOn-Going

Mark Anderson, High School

Kelly Halvorsen, Director of Learning and

Richard Dahman,

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