Instructional Coaching

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What is the purpose of an Instructional Coach?

The mission of Instructional Coaches in Winona Area Public Schools is to increase growth and learning for students and support all staff in a collegial environment built upon trust and collaboration in support of the World’s Best Workforce plan and the district’s Strategic Plan. 

Who can use an Instructional Coach? 

Any teacher can request an Instructional Coach at any time. They can contact the coaches using the information provided in the menus on the right-hand side of the page.

Do teachers have to use an Instructional Coach?

They are not mandated to use an Instructional Coach. Instructional Coaches are available by request and are an optional resource for professional learning.


Instructional Coaching Outcomes

Why is Instructional Coaching beneficial?

  • Coaching supports teachers to improve their capacity to reflect and apply their learning to their work with students and also in their work with each other.
  • Effective embedded professional learning promotes positive cultural change.
  • Coaching was also linked to teachers' increase in using data to inform practice. 
  • Coaching promotes the implementation of learning and reciprocal accountability.
  • Coaching supports collective leadership across a school system.

Meet the coaches

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The purpose of staff development is not just to implement instructional innovations; its central purpose is to build strong collaborative work cultures that will develop the long term capacity for change."

Michael Fullan, education researcher