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Are you pregnant or have a child under the age of 1? You deserve to have the tools, information and support you need to enjoy parenting in your baby’s first year. Having a Welcome Baby Visit with a Baby connector is a great way to check in about all topics relating to your baby.

At a Welcome Baby Visit, a Baby Connector listens to parents concerns and answers questions. They give practical tips that parents can use in their day-to-day lives. They provide a free baby sling and teach you how to use it. Common topics are sleeping, eating, soothing, infant development, how to play with babies, sibling reactions to a new baby, postpartum feelings and community resources.

Welcome Baby Visits are FREE for all parents in the Winona Area Public Schools district. Families residing in a neighboring Winona County district may also receive a visit from their early childhood programs. Visits usually last about an hour and are scheduled at the parent’s convenience.



Infant Sling


Slings make parenthood easier. They help soothe babies and allow parents to get things done.

We give a free sling to all our parents who have Welcome Baby Visits.


Slings are a great way to carry your baby. They take some practice, but are worth the effort. Once you get your sling figured out, you will be amazed at how much easier it can be to get things done and comfort your baby.

"[My sling] comes in handy when I'm busy doing things and she can come along. We bond a lot more."--1st time mom

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Baby Sling

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Common Questions

How much does Baby Connections Cost?

All of Baby Connections services are free.

Who will do our visit?

Our Baby Connectors are licensed parent educators from Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE). They have years of experience working with parents and babies. They believe that parents deserve information, support and resources so that they can feel confident parenting their babies. Our Baby Connectors stay up-to-date with the latest research on infant development and have received additional training in infant massage, postpartum depression and anxiety, infant mental health, and more.

Where do visits happen?

We are happy to meet wherever it works best for families. Most parents choose to meet at their homes. We have also met at coffee shops, parks or at ECFE in Goodview Elementary.

What do parents and Baby Connectors talk about during a visit?

We always bring a packet with current information on ways babies develop, community activities, and other topics. Most of the time, though, parents have questions of their own and we listen and go from there. Common issues that come up are: sleeping & naps, nursing & feeding, crying, older siblings, reading baby's cues, developmental stages, wondering what's normal, postpartum feelings, and community resources.

How long to do visits last?

Visits usually last about an hour.

Are there other ways to connect with a Baby Connector?

Baby Connections is happy to take your phone call at 507-494-0916 to make a connection by phone!

Baby & Me is another fabulous group for parents with babies. This on-going ECFE class is facilitated by Baby Connector & parent educator Heather Millard, and meets during the school year. All of your baby questions and insights will be discussed with Heather and other parents of babies. You can register for this class anytime from September to May by calling (507) 494-0913

Baby & Me Class


Baby & Me meets on Thursdays during the school year. It is fun and informative for families with babies of all ages and a great place to get answers to your questions and meet other parents. Baby & Me is facilitated by ECFE Parent Educator and Baby Connector Heather Millard.










"I very much appreciated the time that was spent making sure all my questions were answered. The resources I was provided with were all very helpful. What a wonderful program--thank you!"

Heather Millard

Early Childhood Family Education Coordinator, Parent Educator
Goodview Early Childhood

Lynnea Pfohl

Parent Educator
Winona Area Learning Center, Goodview Early Childhood