Instructor Guidelines

Winona Area Public Schools Community Education sponsors a wide range of programs that reflect the needs of its residents. Instructors are sought to fill these identified needs.

Under the Enrichments Program, most instructors serve as independent contractors with ISD No. 861. An independent contractor does not have long term or continued contract rights. Your selection as an instructor is contingent on a quality product being delivered, customer satisfaction verified and community need documented. As an independent contractor, instructors are responsible for providing all necessary instructional materials and aides. Community Education’s primary role is to serve as an advisor for the program, regulating the course offerings, publishing the course catalog, scheduling rooms, providing for registration and assignment of fees.

How to Become a New Instructor

As a potential instructor for Community Education you are responsible for developing the content of your course and how the course is to be taught. Instructors who would like to apply to teach for Community Education’s Enrichments Program need to fill out a course proposal form. Course proposals are reviewed and approved based on the program’s needs and requirements. All proposals are evaluated by the staff for content, value and appeal to our customers. You will be contacted by the CE office if your proposal is approved. You will be asked when and where you would like to offer your course; however, Community Education staff may ask instructors to reconsider their choice based on availability of space and overall program considerations. Please note that submitting a course proposal does not guarantee your class will be listed in an upcoming brochure.

Time-Line and Procedure

Two to three months prior to the first day of registration, scheduling of classes for the next brochure begins. Planning is initiated through your program coordinator by phone or email. A great deal of work takes place after you turn in your course proposal. To ensure all of the elements are in place for a successful teaching experience, have your course proposal in by the requested deadline.


Community Education works with both paid and volunteer instructors. Volunteer instructors are appreciated; the fees collected help to support the overall program expenses.

Co-sponsored Classes with Clubs, Groups, Businesses and Agencies

Much of the success of the Community Education Program relies on the co- sponsored classes that are offered in the brochure. Course fees and restitution are handled on an individual basis. A tax exempt number or business tax number are necessary for payment to clubs, groups, businesses or agencies.

Business Solicitation

Class lists are not to be used for business solicitation of any kind. Students should not be pressured during the course-- or after-- to buy anything, join any group, or in any way do anything other than be a class participant.

Room Scheduling

Scheduling of rooms can be very tight in some buildings. We try to honor your preference when scheduling a room. At all times, overall program needs are considered when a room is scheduled.

Equipment and Supplies

All necessary supplies should be discussed with your coordinator prior to class time. TVs, VCRs/DVDs, LCD projectors and overheads are available for instructor use. Please notify our office one week in advance so the proper equipment needs can be arranged.


Keys will not be necessary when using the Winona Senior High School or the Winona Middle School buildings. A building custodian will open your room before your class begins. If you encounter any problems with your room, please share your concerns with me (Linda Jacobs at 494-0904) as soon as possible. If you are using an elementary school building a key may be necessary. Keys will be checked out to you by the CE staff and need to be returned to the CE office after a class has concluded.

Facilities Usage

At the end of a regular school day many classrooms are used continuously into the evening hours by various organizations and institutions. Some custodial staffs may clean the rooms prior to the start of your evening/weekend classes. District staff is very particular about the condition in which they find their classrooms the next day, so please be a good steward of the space you share. When you arrive to set up your class, please make careful note of the seating arrangement and condition of the room. If you use a whiteboard, make sure you are using the proper marker. If you are using any AV equipment and find a problem with it, please call our office (494-0900) before the next school day begins. Let us know which room/facility you were at and what the problem is. As you leave the classroom, please see that windows are closed and locked, furniture is as you found it, and the lights switched off. Any difficulties in returning a classroom to its original condition are to be reported to Community Education immediately.

Class Limits

Class limits (minimum/ maximum) are decided by you and the coordinator.

Class lists

Class lists can be emailed out to you prior to the first day of class. This list can also be placed in the room where you are teaching. If you prefer, you may also stop by the Community Education office and pick it up before class. Class lists are regarded as confidential data, please protect accordingly.

Unregistered Students

If your class already has the minimum number of students and additional students arrive, you have the option of letting them stay or leave (if your class is not full and a waiting list has not been formed). If you choose to accept them, please obtain their name, address, phone number and collect their fee. Checks should be payable to “WAPS Community Education”. Please turn in all information and checks to our office as soon as possible.

Refund Policy

Cancellation by the student/participant needs to occur at least 24 hours prior to the start of a class. We will refund the class fee minus a $3.00 processing fee. No refunds are given if cancelling after the class has begun. For classes with supplies and/or are co-sponsored by other organizations there may be additional guidelines.

Course Cancellations

A course may be canceled if it does not meet your minimum requirements.

Class Cancellations

Bad Weather: If Winona Area Public Schools are closed because of inclement weather, Community Education will not hold classes. If Winona Area Public Schools are dismissed early, all evening classes are canceled. For threatening weather conditions that may effect evening classes a decision will be made by 2:00 p.m. to cancel or hold evening classes. In most instances, when class sessions are canceled due to inclement weather we will make every attempt to reschedule a class. Sometimes this cannot happen, due to facility unavailability or the instructor’s schedule.

Teacher Absence and Schedule Change

In the event a teacher finds it imperative to be absent from a class, the CE office must be notified as soon as possible at 507-494-0900. If a substitute is available, such arrangements should be made cooperatively with the CE coordinator. If the class must be cancelled, you are responsible for re-scheduling a make-up date. Please contact the CE office and we will work together to find a date and class location.


Evaluations are done for two reasons. They are designed to be of help to you as an instructor and our office in program planning. Evaluations can now be found online on the community education website: (look under Enrichments-Evaluations). Please encourage your participants to complete an evaluation. If you prefer to use your own evaluation for your class, that is also acceptable.


Please note that all school district buildings and grounds are to be smoke free. Therefore, smoking is not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds.

Suggestions for the first session of your class

Plan to arrive at class at least fifteen minutes early. Generally speaking your students will be anxious to find their classroom and will arrive early as well. The custodians should have the classrooms open fifteen minutes prior to the start of class at the WMS or WSHS. If you plan to arrive earlier, let us know, and we will make the necessary arrangements. Remember to leave the classroom as you found it. This helps maintain a positive relationship with the K-12 staff. Aside from being an independent contractor, you are also representing Community Education, so please be a positive ambassador of our program.