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History of Community Education

In 1971, The Minnesota Legislature passed statue that providing funding the establishment of public schools programs outside of the K-2 system that offer educational, social and recreational purposes beyond the regular school day and school year could use facilities.

This legislation was in response to the emerging community needs and programs ranging from early childhood family education and school aged childcare to adult literacy were developed. In 1991, programs for adults with disabilities were initiated and youth service and development programs were implemented.

In Winona, Community Education began offering programs and services in 1984. Our mission is to provide learning opportunities and support for all people, enabling then to enrich their lives and communities. The first programs offered to District residents included: Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE), Adult Basic Education, Adult Enrichment and Early Childhood Screening.

Since 1984, Community Education has added :

  • After School Activities based out of the Middle School
  • Baby Connections -home visits for newborns
  • Community KIDS Preschool
  • English and citizenship class for Immigrants
  • Facility Scheduling for Community Groups
  • Key Kids- School aged care after school, on non-school days and in the summer
  • Project COMPASS (Programs for persons with disabilities)
  • GED (General Educational Development) classes and testing
  • School Readiness- Scholarships for at risk students to attend preschool
  • Child Care Center at the ALC

Ann Riebel

Community Education Director
District Office

MaryJo Zukowski

Administrative Assistant for Community Education
District Office

Rebecca Speltz

Community Education Secretary
District Office