Budget Reduction


As you are probably aware, in order to have a balanced budget for next year, WAPS is going through a two-month process to identify $1.7 million in budget reductions for 2018-19 school year.

There is no denying that getting our expenditures in line with our available revenue will be a difficult process, as we have already been through a significant budget reduction process a year ago. One thing that we are considering this year is the possibility of school consolidation; although having to close some of our schools is not easy, it is an option that we have to weigh against other options to get our budget balanced.

I want to stress that the items that are on the list are being considered as potential budget cuts. There are more possible cuts on the list than we need to make, so some of these will not end up as actual budget cuts. It is a working list, and will likely have some changes as we continue the discussion over the upcoming weeks. I also want to stress that our process will take place over the next two months. There will be eight open meetings after February 1, where input on the options can be heard and discussed. If you have thoughts on these items, I encourage you to attend any of the upcoming open meetings.

Rich Dahman | WAPS Superintendent

Budget Reduction Options