Testing Schedules 18-19

***Due to the weather, please contact school for modified WIDA ACCESS testing schedule.

Test Subject Grade Testing Date Testing Time Testing Room
ACT plus Writing *** 11 Apr-2, Makeup Apr-24 8:00 am to 1:30 pm Assigned Test Rooms
MCA III Math 11 April 17, Makeup April-18 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Math Classroom
MCA III Reading 10 April 10, Makeup April-11 9:00 am to 12:00 pm English Classroom
MCA III Science 10 May 1, Makeup May-2 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Science Classroom
MCA III Paper *R/M/S 10, 11 *ITP *ITP SpEd Classroom
MTAS *R/M/S 10, 11 *ITP *ITP SpEd Classroom
NWEA Fall Reading 9, 10 September 19-20 9:00-3:30 English Teacher
NWEA Fall Math 9, 10 September 12-13 9:00-3:30 Math Teacher
NWEA Fall Science 9, 10 September 26-27 9:00- 3:30 Science Teacher
NWEA Winter Reading 9, 10 January 30-31 9:00- 3:30 English Teacher
NWEA Winter Math 9, 10 January 23-24 9:00-3:30 Math Teacher
NWEA Winter Science 9, 10 February 6-7 9:00- 3:30 Science Teacher

*R/M/S: Reading/Math/Science
*ESL: English as Second Language.
*ITP: Individual Testing Plan according to IEPs; please contact school main office for more details.
***ACT Plus Writing contains four multiple-choice tests—English, mathematics, reading, and science—and a writing test.
All test results will be disseminated to students and parent through Infinite Campus:
MCA/MTAS result will be published in IC no later than Sep-1st.
District tests and ACT plus Writing result will be published in IC once it's available.