Support Services

Student Services

Angela McQuinn

School Social Worker
Winona Area Learning Center, Winona Senior High School

Health Services

The ALC Health Office is located on the first floor in the main office.

Our School Nurse is Mitzi Girtler, RN. 

Students utilize the health office daily when ill or injured and for daily treatments or medications. We also screen all 7th and 10th graders each year for vision and hearing status.

Mary Jennison

Building Secretary
Winona Area Learning Center

Mitzi Girtler

District Health Services Coordinator, RN, MSN, LSN
Winona Area Learning Center, Winona Senior High School, District Wide, Winona Middle School


Samantha Wagner

Winona Area Learning Center

Families in Housing Transition

Families in Housing Transition

Winona Area Public Schools participates in the F.I.T. Program. During these difficult economic times many families are struggling to keep jobs and homes, and to cover basic expenses. Also, some families are going through relationship changes that are putting stressors on the lives in that household.

Families in Transition is available to assist parents and guardians who may be in need of assistance. In the Winona Area Public Schools we can help get youngsters enrolled in a pre-school program, Community Education offerings, school-aged childcare, or a K-12 academic or athletic program. The F.I.T. program is free and is available year round to also help with information and questions about registration, immunizations, and school breakfast and lunch programs.

Winona Area Public Schools Homeless Flow Chart