How We Learn

Compassionate Schools

The Winona ALC is growing a Compassionate Schools infrastructure. What does this mean for the ALC?

  • Welcoming and inclusive school culture and climate
  • Individualized learning to address different student needs
  • Compassionate and effective discipline policies
  • Staff aware of the effect of chronic stress and trauma on students’ abilities to learn
  • Mental health supports for students
  • Access to many resources (on-site food shelf, personal care shelf, child-care center)


Credit Recovery

  • An option for students who have specific credits remaining
  • Extended Day option

Independent Study

  • Available to WSHS and WALC Students
  • 20% face to face time with teacher (meetings often after school at the ALC)
  • Students work on one credit at a time
  • Students can earn up to 3 credits a school year
  • Students referred through high school counselor

Extended Day (formerly known as Night School)

  • Option for all students seeking credit recovery
  • Super seniors can work during the day and take Extended Day classes 
  • Monday-Thursday 4-6 p.m.
  • Combination of direct instruction and APEX online learning
  • Requires work outside of class

Summer School

  • Available to ALL Winona high school students (public and non-public)
  • 6 weeks long in June/July
  • Monday-Friday 8:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Can earn up to 3 credits a summer

Work Experience

The WALC offers students the opportunity to participate in a Work-Based Learning Program. This program involves a seminar course to help strengthen students' abilities to interview, manage money, and learn about their interests for future employment. Work-Based Learning also gives students the opportunity to participate in Work Experience, where students find employment and work in the community. They are given the opportunity to receive credit for their work. Work Experience helps students gain real world skills while collaborating with their school and community.