How We Learn

Compassionate Schools

The Winona ALC is growing a Compassionate Schools infrastructure, under the guidance of the Compassionate Schools Initiative in Washington State.

What does this mean for the ALC?

  • Welcoming and inclusive school culture and climate
  • Individualized learning to address different student needs
  • Compassionate and effective discipline policies
  • Staff aware of the effect of chronic stress and trauma on students’ abilities to learn
  • Mental health supports for students
  • Access to many resources (on-site food shelf, personal care shelf, child-care center)

Credit Recovery

  • Option for seniors who have specific credits remaining, for whom PBL would not be a good fit
  • Classes offered 9:00-3:30
  • Students can earn up to 14 credits a school year

Independent Study

  • Available to WSHS and WALC Students
  • 20% face to face time with teacher (meetings often after school at the ALC)
  • Students work on one credit at a time
  • Students can earn up to 3 credits a school year
  • Students referred through high school counselor

Night School

  • Option for students beyond 12th grade (super-seniors)
  • Monday-Thursday 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Combination of direct instruction and APEX online learning
  • Requires work outside of class
  • Can earn up to 14 credits a school year

Project Based Learning

  • Monday-Friday, 9:00am- 3:30pm
  • Students can earn up to 14 credits a school year
  • Students meet same state standards and course requirements as traditional students and need to meet the same requirements to earn a diploma
  • Students learn through the creation of a project or projects, as they work to investigate and solve a question or problem.
  • Teachers guide students along the way and instruct as skills are needed.
  • Students are given the freedom to move their projects in multiple directions depending on their interests.
  • Projects vary in length and can last from one week to several weeks, but potentially could last a full year.
  • Teachers plan projects collaboratively with one another to create cross-curricular projects.

Summer School

  • Available to ALL Winona high school students (public and non-public)
  • 6 weeks long in June/July
  • Monday-Friday 8:00 am-1:00 pm
  • Can earn up to 3 credits a summer