Advisory Council

The role of the advisory council for Community Education includes the following:
*Provides representation of the community in program planning and delivery
*Establishes an on-going needs assessment process
*Advises community education staff, superintendent and school board on community education issues and finances.
*Establishes relationships with other organizations and service agencies
*Establishes an evaluation and planning process
*Promotes Community Education within the community

The Winona Community Education Advisory Council is made up of representatives from health and human services, city and county government, K-12, higher education, consumers and the clergy. As council members they have a voice in the development and structure of Community Education programming.

Council meetings are held monthly at Noon.

Council Members

Susan Cooper
Diane Dingfelder
Andrea Eisner
Julie Fassbender
Andrea Gierok
Mark Hecht
Laura Hoberg
Bridget Klinger
Tina Lehnertz
Dana Merkel
Christine Nichols
Jen Olson
Jacque Paulsen
Marianne Texley
Pat Tolmie
Karla Winter
Margaret Schild


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Thursday, April 27, 2107 - Noon - Central School - Room 102

Present: Julie Fassbender, Mark Hecht, Laura Hober, Dana Merkel, Christine Nichols, Margaret Schild

Staff Present: Stephanie Gilliland

Action items:

March 16, 2017 minutes approved. (Motion to approve - Dana Merkel; 2nd Mark Hecht)

Recommendation of FY 18 budget - this item moved to end of meeting.

Discussion Items

Coordinator’s Report: Stephanie Gilliland, Preschool and Early Childhood Screening program Coordinator, provided an update on Community KIDS Preschool, Rollingstone Preschool, Getting Ready Together, and Early Childhood Screening programs. Updates are attached to these minutes.

Recommendation of FY 18 budget - this item moved to end of meeting.

Council members were presented with the proposed FY 18 budget that was recommended by the budget subcommittee for approval and forwarding of the budget to the school board for approval. MOTION to approve; Julie Fassbender; 2nd, Mark Hecht. MOTION CARRIED.




The name of this organization shall be the Winona Community Education Advisory Council.

The philosophy of Community Education of the Winona Public Schools shall be to provide opportunities for lifelong learning for all the citizens of School District 861. These opportunities shall be designed to meet the current needs of the community and thus, reflect our changing society. Community Education shall promote the utilization of buildings, facilities, and personnel by and for all the residents of the School District and cooperate and coordinate activities with other agencies and organizations serving the community to maximize use of all available resources.

Section 1 - The purpose of the Council shall be to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Education and the Community Education Director on the Community Education programs and activities of the District. These programs will include academic improvements, enrichment, vocational improvement, leisure and recreational services, social services, and activities. They will utilize School District, community and private resources and facilities. They will be for all ages and social and economic groups residing in the geographic boundaries of the District.

Section 2 - The Council shall bring together representatives of the community and the School District to carry out the purposes of Section 1.

Section 3 - The objectives of the Winona Community Education Advisory Council shall be to identify, coordinate and inform the public of resources available to the community, and coordinate community resources by promoting:

  • Greater use and sharing of human talents and resources.
  • Lifelong learning and enrichment opportunities for all ages.
  • Greater use of educational and community facilities.
  • Improved community-school relationships.
  • Increased interagency coordination and cooperation.
  • Increased citizen involvement in the decision-making processes of education and community development.

    Section 1 - This Council shall be non-commercial, non-sectarian, and non-partisan. No commercial enterprise and no political candidate can be endorsed by it. The name of this Council or its officers in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest or any other purpose than the regular work of the Council.Section 2 - This Council and the activities of the Council shall abide by the policies of School District 861.Section 3 - Additional policies shall be adopted in accordance with this document to aid in discharging the responsibilities of the Director and the Advisory Council.Section 4 - (Policy on reduced fees.)ARTICLE V - MEMBERSHIP & ATTENDANCE
    Section 1 - The Advisory Council shall consist of a maximum of twenty members representative of at least, but not limited to the following: School Board, Principal of ISD #861, a teacher, County Social Services, County Extension, higher education, Early Childhood/Family Education, churches/ministerium, each rural elementary school community, Chamber of Commerce, media, city recreation, senior citizen, a student, and one at-large representative. Of these members there must be male and female, parent and non-parent representation.Section 2 - Members shall be appointed by the School Board. Candidates may be recommended by School Board members, Advisory Council members, or may volunteer.Section 3 - A term shall consist of three consecutive years, with 1/3 or at least six (6) members' terms culminating each year. A term shall begin July 1.Section 4 - To assure representation of the above groups, persons who miss three consecutive regular Advisory Council meetings or four total consecutive meetings will be asked to reconsider their role and suggest names for replacements.Section 5 - Every member shall serve on at least one subcommittee. Subcommittee members shall be expected to attend a minimum of 50% of all subcommittee meetings.
    Section 1 - The Advisory Council shall meet monthly unless otherwise specified.Section 2 - Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Director or the Executive Committee.Section 3 - Quorum and decision making process: An attempt will be made to settle all council issues through a consensus reaching process; however, majority vote shall rule on all council issues. The simple majority rule process shall extend to all committee issues as well. A quorum shall consist of those members present at any regularly scheduled meeting.ARTICLE VII - OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES
    Section 1 - There shall be a chair and vice-chair serving for a term of one year. The vice-chair position automatically becomes chair after the one-year term. Elections normally occur at the regular June Advisory Council meeting.Section 2 - A nominating committee of three (3) Advisory Council members shall prepare a slate of officers to present to the Council at the July meeting.Section 3 - Committees and task forces may be appointed as the need arises.
    Section 4 - The Director of Community Education shall serve as an ex-officio and non-voting member of the Advisory Council. The Director will serve as a consultant, acting with and on the advice of the Community Education Advisory Council; and will provide the necessary leadership to effect and maintain good working relationships with representatives of community organizations, municipalities, and School District 861 in order that well-planned and directed Community Education programs may be implemented.Section 5 - Executive Committee: Duties of Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall be available to meet, discuss and deal with issues that arise between meetings of the general Advisory Council. The Executive Committee shall also set agenda for regular Council meetings.Composition of Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, School Board representative and Community Education Director.ARTICLE VIII - ORDER OF BUSINESS
    The proceeding of meetings of the members of the Winona Community Advisory Council shall be governed in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order-Revised.ARTICLE X - AMENDMENTS OF BY-LAWS
    Section 1 - Amendments to the By-Laws may be recommended at a general or special meeting of the Council. They may not be acted upon until the next regularly scheduled meeting of the General Council, and not less than ten (10) days from the date of introduction. All amendments shall be submitted in writing to the Chair for consideration.Section 2 - The Chair shall appoint a committee to formulate such By-Laws as may be necessary and desirable for administering the affairs of the Council. The By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the voting membership at the next meeting of the Advisory Council at least two weeks after the first reading of the revision.Amended 9/99WINONA COMMUNITY EDUCATION'S MISSION STATEMENT
    to provide learning opportunities and support for all people, enabling them to enrich their lives and communities.
  • Margaret Schild

    Community Education Director
    Central School
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